Rock and Passion

Open Your heart

An acoustic song of Freedom and brotherly love for one another. 

About Me


Born in Detroit and inspired by early  rock legends of the '70s, Justina grew up swooning along with her radio  and playing guitar in friends basements, not realizing her natural  talent which lead her to the stage. Her silky-smooth vocals gained  strength at a young age in the Award Winning Chippewa Valley High School  Choir, under the Instruction of Ellen Bowen. Then molded in time by  many inspiring mentors who walked through the path of her life such  as Maestro, Benny Caruso, performing as, "Justinas Secret." Her 8 year  partnership with Caruso lead to writing dozens of timeless  songs. Justinas writing ability comes from her heart to the listeners,  through the beautiful melodies and timeless stories into music. 

In 2008,  Justina moved to Las Vegas by pure chance. The big bright lights and  energy of the city, as well as the fellowship of the local music scene,  lead her to meeting and working alongside Detroiter, Michael Wilde.  creating the guitar duo "Black and Wilde".Justina also performed with  Pianist Daemon Basler and the band "MERLOT".

Born  on George Harrison's birthday, the Pisces girl moved to her dream  home by the ocean of the Florida Keys in 2011, where she took a peaceful  sabbatical. Life's twists and turns brought her full circle back to the  Detroit area in the summer of 2016, and then when Hurricane Irma threatened her piece of paradise, the spirit of the universe brought  her back to the island where she now resides and performs.

Why Me

 'Why Me' was written to bring awareness to teen suicide and bullying. It's to offer hope for a better tomorrow. A special thanks to Detroit Rap Artist, Nelly Rodriguez, who wrote and performed the Rap section of the song. 'Why Me' is a sound track in, Brotherhood the Movie, which is an Anti-Bullying movie filmed in Detroit MI and will be released in the summer of 2014.